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using a smartphone

Immigrants from different nations, cultures and 

life stories have during the last couple of years

been streaming through Europe in hope of a

better future. None of them could bring a lot on

their journey, but most people made sure to bring

a smartphone. For some of them it's their first,

some had never seen the need before. Now they

are traveling the world, far away from family and friends. When trying to undertand new cultures, new places and new languages the smartphone

is a great tool. 

The core in this communication project was to understand the needs of the immigrants arriving

to Värnersborg (the largest migration camp in Sweden) and make the most use of their technical tools. People expressed that it is hard to learn the language while waiting for an asylum. Swedish contacts are few and the state Swedish courses

are not available until one is granted to stay. 

Providing information about the language tools already available though smartphone applications are important, since most of them were unheard of to the people living there. They could provide a first step in understanding each other better and

in the long term, have a greater chance to stay

in Sweden. 

Feel free to download and use the digital tool list found below!

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