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Photo: Sofia Hovemyr


Farewell Bedbugs

Bedbugs is a growing problem in Swedish communities, as well as other parts of the world. 

Fear of getting these uninvited pets makes old furniture and other products end up in the junk yard, even if they could have been reused. 


This project was originally made to make people in Swedish student cities more open to reuse old furniture. Campus areas have been especially effected by the recensent return of the bedbug. To make people comfortable with using pre owned items, we have to educate people in how to handle the growing bedbug problem and ease eventual fears with knowledge.

The brochure is the heart of the campaign and approaches the subject from a light and entertaining side, with students as a main target group. To maximize the projects visibility the campaign also contains large balloons and stickers to raise awareness on campus. 

Logo & illustrations: Sofia Hovemyr

© 2018 by Sofia Hovemyr

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